Health and Wellness

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Procedures and Protocols to Reduce Health & Safety Risks

  • Families of students and staff will be required to do symptom checking prior to coming to school each day.
  • Students and staff are highly recommended to wear face coverings for the health and safety of self and others during transitions, larger group gatherings, and when physical distancing is not possible. 
  • Traffic flow of students in hallways, on playground, and in library and cafeteria areas are modified.
  • Entrance and exits for students will be modified to reduce numbers in groups. 
  • The district will continue to emphasize frequent hand-washing with students and staff, upon entering and leaving the facility, using bathrooms, and before/after large group settings, like recess, lunch, etc.  
  • Students and staff will be encouraged to use physical distancing (6ft.), wherever possible.
  • Additional personal protective equipment (i.e. plexiglass/acrylic barriers, clear window masks, etc.) will be provided for instructional situations where students and staff will be in close contact, such as Early Childhood, Speech/Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, etc.
Collaborations for Consistent Communication for Families and Staff
  • The district continues to work with Door County Medical Center, Door County Health and Human Services Department, and the school nursing team to establish appropriate protocols and procedures for COVID-19, including:
    • Regular communication about checking for symptoms at home before coming to school will go out to parents and staff.
    • A protocol to follow if a student, staff member, or guest shows any symptoms of COVID-19 will be developed and communicated to all.
    • The district will develop a protocol for a child who is identified as having an on-site health concern under the guidance of the school nurse (assessment, triage, designated isolation room in each building).
    • Parents will be given information about who to contact if someone in their family is diagnosed with COVID-19, and the role of Door County Public Health working with their medical provider to assist with contact tracing, etc. 
    • The decision to close school, based on COVID-19 spread, will be collaboratively determined by Door County Health and Human Services Department and  the district. 

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