Rural Virtual Academy

Home-schooled or Southern Door Resident Attending Other Virtual Schools?

Because of the unique partnership between the RVA and our district, you can take classes you can't take virtually, like choir and band, at your local school and then take the rest of your classes at home with the RVA.  You can even attend our graduation ceremony!

Do you like to play competitive sports?  Join the local team while taking classes virtually with the RVA.  That's something you can't do with any other virtual school!

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Already Attending Southern Door?

No two children area alike.
  • Special interests
  • Courses that are not offered 
  • Enrichment
If no two children are alike, then why should they have the exact same educational solutions?  We believe your child's education should be as unique as they are.  They all can't fit in the same box and they shouldn't.

More Information:

For questions, contact Patti Vickman at 920.825.7311 or, or the Rural Virtual Academy at 1.888.801.2666.