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Teaching Assignment:
Room 417

-Accelerated Integrated Science
-Integrated Science 1
-Integrated Science 2
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Modern civilization is built on science.  Nearly all forms of technology...from medicine to space travel to your cell phone...are applications of science.  To understand our universe we need to understand the rules of nature.  Just as we cannot enjoy playing a game if we don't know the rules, we cannot appreciate nature without an understanding of the rules that govern our universe.  Our science class integrates the disciplines of physics, chemistry, and biology; along with earth and space sciences and other areas of study.  My goal is that the students in my class can use the knowledge gained as part of a toolkit used to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the complex world around them.      

Come to my class with a desire to work, a sense of curiosity, and an open mind...The quality of your education depends on your level of involvement.

Mr. Samuels
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David Samuels
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Teaching Assignment:Room 417

Integrated Science 1
Integrated Science 2
Accelerated Integrated Science