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At Southern Door, we have a keen appreciation for the direct correlation between the physical well being of a student and their performance in the classroom.  Our Physical Education (PE) Program is designed to provide students with an enjoyable means by which to acquire new skills and healthy habits, which they can use to expand their opportunities for a lifetime of personal achievement.

Middle School

Here we begin a solid progression from the assessment of basic motor skills all the way through to the instruction of specific sport units whereby students learn the rules and basic skills in an array of sports during middle school. Our middle school development programs are designed to transition directly into the upper school performance programs. Each grade level also participates in the nationally recognized Fitness Gram.

Upper School

Here at Southern Door, PE classes become an integral part of our students’ personal development and their school experience.  Classes for all students promote active lifestyles, along with the benefits of stress relief that physical exercise brings.  Classes for our student athletes focus on training specifically to improve their athletic ability within their chosen sport(s).

Strengths of our PE Program include:

·  Two gymnasiums, tennis court, fields for football, softball, baseball, a track, a fitness center and two multipurpose gymnasiums in the elementary.

·  Continuous enhancement of our programs and classes with equipment ranging from racket sports to projection screens for fitness workout screenings.

·  A full time strength training coach who is a certified Athletic trainer.

Our PE faculty is committed to the adoption of new ideas, sports technology and additional programming that will allow us to continue to provide a positive physical education experience for our students.


Physical Activity Log

Summer writing assignment

This article summarizes the (1) current health status of America, (2) defines quality physical education, and (3) gives solutions to America's health problems.  In your summary, address these three (3) main points thouroughly and add your personal opinion as well.  Your summary should be in essay format, 1 to 2 pages long.

2017-18 Schedule
1st Hour A-Day - Middle School 7th grade Physical Education
1st Hour B-Day - Middle School 7th grade Physical Education

3rd Hour - Freshmen Physical Education
5th Hour - Cafe duty
6th Hour - Personal Fitness (Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
7th Hour - Study Hall
8th Hour - Junior/Senior Physical Education
ELT - Monday - Home room
          Tuesday through Friday: Various